Limbaugh To Sue Democrats For Defamation

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Use A Towel!

We have Dish Network and so could not follow the elections on CNN, as they are no longer available due to a contract dispute. We tried to watch on Fox News, but couldn’t make anything out because of all the semen that was flying through the air in the studio.


And Their Heads Up Their Asses


Greg Gutfield On N.Y. Hatchet Attack

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Hey Look It’s Pond Scum


Dr. Ablow Says World Cup Is Obama Conspiracy

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Man Overboard!



He Has The Credentials Fox News Wants


FLASHBACK: September 4 2010

Glenn Beck details his intimate experiences with American history.

Glenn Beck details his intimate experiences with American history.

Coulter Denies “Birther” Conspiracy

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CNN Attempts To Force Direct Dialog On Syria


RNC Approves Sanctions Against CNN and NBC

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People Magazine Makes A Huge Mistake

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People magazine has named Gwyneth Paltrow their Most Beautiful Woman In The World for 2013. Here at GraceLessLand we think they got that wrong, and here’s the cover People should have used:

The Most Beautiful Woman In The World

Although There Are The Zombie-Like Cannibals

It's interesting how much Bela Lugosi and Eddie Vedder resemble one another.

It’s interesting how much Bela Lugosi and Eddie Vedder resemble one another.


Damn – It-s A Re-run



Advertising Coincidence?


Ann Coulter Says Gun Violence A “Demographic Problem”


Republican centerfold and Fox News harlot Ann Coulter says gun violence is a “demographic problem”. Coulter suggests we need to take guns away from minorities but leave whites armed. But not all whites: obviously the poor ones can’t have guns because they’ll just sell them to buy health care.

Newsweek To End Print Publication



No joke.




And Finally….


Was Diane Sawyer Impaired On Election Night?

Day After Election Fox News Implodes

Once the shock of President Barack Obama’s reelection wore-off at Fox News the grief set in. Pundit Bill O’Reilly blamed minorities, as did Dick “Dick” Morris, saying the “traditional America” is dead. Others at the unfair and bullshit news network blamed the rest of the media, especially for their coverage of hurricane Sandy because everyone knows any hurricane that makes landfall in the northeast instead of the south must be a liberal.


Now and then you just have to get down on your knees, raise your hands to the sky, and in your best Charlton Heston growl scream “DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!”

Schwarzenegger Admits Affairs In “60 Minutes” Interview

R.I.P.: “Cosmopolitan” Editor Helen Gurley Brown

CNN Anchor Caught Reading Liberal Blog On Air

Fox News is gleefully reporting that an article CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien can be seen perusing while interviewing Romney campaign senior adviser Barbara Comstock comes from the liberal blog

Fox Became aware of this damning evidence of liberal bias on CNN by reading about it on the conservative blog

Zimmerman Interviewed By Hannity

George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman who shot and killed teenager Trayvon Martin in a nighttime confrontation in Florida, sat for an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity. In the interview Zimmerman said the tragic killing was part of “God’s plan”, and that he shot Martin because the young man was reaching for Zimmerman’s gun, essentially saying if he hadn’t had a gun there would have been no reason to shoot Martin.

This is the first time Zimmerman has mentioned having an accomplice, and police are looking for God as a “deity of interest”.

UPDATE: Apparently Zimmerman’s going rate for an interview is a month of “shelter and security”. We’re sure Hannity would have paid more (and may have).

1993: The Offices Of DC Comics

1ST GUY: Okay, listen, I’ve got a great idea for a new super villain for Batman. He has this creepy mask-

2ND GUY: Who, Batman?

1ST GUY: No, no – the new villain-

2ND GUY: Don’t they all?

1ST GUY: What?

2ND GUY: All wear creepy masks? Super villains, I mean.

1ST GUY: This one looks like a huge spider is stuck on his mouth.

2ND GUY: Yeah, okay, that’s creepy.

1ST GUY: Here’s the brilliant part: his name is “Bane”!

2ND GUY: Why is that brilliant?

1ST GUY: Why? Because of Mitt Romney!

2ND GUY: Who?

1ST GUY: Mitt Romney! The CEO of Bain Capital!

2ND GUY: His name is Mitt? What kind of name is that?

1ST GUY: I think it’s short for “Mitthew”.

2ND GUY: So what does this have to do with a new super villain who has a big spider on his mouth?

1ST GUY: It’s not an actual spider! It just looks like one!

2ND GUY: Why?

1ST GUY: That’s not important! We want the new super villain to have the same name as Romney’s company-

2ND GUY: What does this company make?

1ST GUY: They make money. They are like the kings of leveraged buy-outs: they find a company that is struggling, pay almost nothing for it, use the equity to borrow money and buy other companies, and then bankrupt them so the loss is a write-off – they make hundreds of millions off of these deals!

2ND GUY: That’s brilliant! Hey – what happens to the people that work for these companies?

1ST GUY: They become homeless and go on food stamps.

2ND GUY: That sucks! So that’s why he’s a super villain?

1ST GUY: No, no – the super villain has the same name as the company, just spelled a little differently: B-a-n-e.

2ND GUY: You mean a person or thing that ruins or spoils, or a deadly poison?

1ST GUY: Yes! Exactly!

2ND GUY: So, why do we want to do this?

1ST GUY: Because 19 years from now, in 2012, Romney is going to run for president against Barack Obama, the first black president!

2ND GUY: The first black president will be from Alabama?

1ST GUY: No! Obama! His name is Obama!

2ND GUY: How do you know this?

1ST GUY: That’s not important right now! What is important is DC will have a Batman movie coming out during the election – and the super villain will be Bane! Thus connecting Mitt Romney in the people’s minds with evil! It’s going to be a close election because of the massive economic problems and the unpopular wars against terrorists-

2ND GUY: What terrorists?

1ST GUY: The ones who will fly the airliners into the…uh…never mind that! The point is we have to create Bane now so the character will be established in 2012 for the movie!

2ND GUY: In order to influence an election 19 years from now?

1ST GUY: Precisely!

2ND GUY: It will never work!

1ST GUY: Why not?

2ND GUY: Because Rush Limbaugh will immediately see through it and alert the citizenry of America!

1ST GUY: Oh, that’s right! Limbaugh! I forgot about Limbaugh! Damn!

Turn It Off!

Fox News Loves Poor People And Babies

….most when looking for someone to screw.

See what you can do when you cherry-pick one part of a statement? Just like Fox News ran the headline “Obama to business owners: ‘You didn’t build that’”. Except the full statement is:

“If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”