We’ve Done It!

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, when Thales gave the western world mathematics, and then Pythagoras made us a gift of science, since the dark ages of the alchemists that gave way to the spirit of invention that was the Renaissance, since the glories of the Age of Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, and the birth of the Information Age half-a-century ago, it’s all been leading-up to this!


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It’s All Just Going To Hell!

Due to other ventures in the online superhighway arena space GraceLessLand will return to an schedule of I’ll-post-’em-as-I-calls-’em-as-I-sees-’em like in the bad old days before the last major U.S. election.

I’m sure once candidates start actively making asses of themselves the hectic daily schedule will return. Not because I have any more time but because theĀ itch to nab a news photo and toss it into Paintshop will become unbearable.

Right now it’s bearable. Check-back once a week or so until you see the page run red with politicians eviscerating themselves on the pointed spikes of the media.

NOTE: Actually maybe it would be interesting, as the soulless clowns start running a la grunion onto the beach of political despair, to repost stuff from the last election just to sort-of compare with what’s going-on. If I do that I’ll be sure to give it some grandiose title and a new content page even though it’s just quickly reposting old crap.

Mexico Weaponizes Salsa


UN calls for moratorium on SMD (sauces of mass destruction). President Obama says he was unaware of the deadly condiment until he saw it on the news. Karl Rove calls revelation the biggest disaster in his lifetime. House GOP vows to investigate the administration’s involvement with sending cilantro to Mexico City.

Disabled Cruise Ship Towed To Docks


The cruise ship Carnival Triumph was towed to docks in Mobile, Alabama after a fire disabled it during a cruise in the Gulf of Mexico. Passengers and crew were without electricity, running water, or working toilets for several days. People were reduced to defecating into baggies.

“It was horrible. Horrible,” said passenger Janie Esparza. “The bathroom facilities were horrible and we could not flush toilets. No electricity and our rooms were in total darkness. Honestly, think that this ship should have ever sailed out.” When asked if she would ever take another cruise Esparza shook her head. “No way! Our travel agent feels really bad about this, though, and has agreed to send us on another vacation – I have the tickets right here…um, where’s ‘Syria’?”