White House Admits To Spamming

The White House admitted it hired a PR firm to send spam emails in support of President Obama’s health care initiatives, after a week of denying any knowledge of the mass emailings. But it turns-out it was just an honest misunderstanding.
You are talking about a savory potted meat, right?

You are talking about a savory potted meat, right?

Blair: No Deal For Lockerbie Terrorist Release

An excerpt from a BBC Interview:

“No, really, there was no deal to release Abdelbeset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi. It’s like I always told the Libyans, I don’t have the power to release him. What – oh – like the tan? Yes I just got back from a vacation in the Persian Gulf. ¬†Anyway, why would we even want to release Mr. al Megrahi? Excuse me? Oh, you noticed the new Mercedes? Yes, I quite like it. It was a gift…from a, er, friend. Anyway, to get back to the point here – oh, hang-on, about 100,000 Euros just fell out of my jacket pocket. Could you just give me hand…?”