They Don’t Have A Nobel For Spending Money

U.S. President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace, making him the first recipient of that award who has never actually done anything to promote peace.

Obama said “I do not view it as a recognition of my own accomplishments, but rather as an affirmation of American leadership.” So if there were a Nobel for understatement he would have that one, too. The announcement by the Nobel Committee cited ” Obama’s incredible potential for accomplishing something some day” as the deciding factor in awarding the prize. “If and when he gets off the pot, we expect to see great strides toward global peace” the announcement announced.

Other Nobel awards announced at the same time: The Standing Still award, the Being Very Quiet For A Long Long Time award, the Managing To Not Be Noticed award, and of course the Taking Forever To Come Up With An Afghanistan Policy award, which Obama also won.

2 comments on “They Don’t Have A Nobel For Spending Money

    • No, I’m pretty sure actually accomplishing things is what counts, at least when you’re President and a Nobel recipient. Right now he’s wasting time trying to figure-out a way to look strong and be a peace-maker in Afghanistan. And make everyone everywhere happy. And look cool doing it.

      I voted for him because I thought he might get us out of Iraq – first time I voted for one of the two main parties since I voted for whoever lost to Reagan the second time. I didn’t expect Obama to be any different than any other run-of-the-mill politician – just thought he might HAVE to get us out of Iraq to avoid looking like a total douche bag. So far, he’s looking rubbery, filled with fluid, and squishy.



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