Islamists Force Women To Shake Breasts

You can’t make this stuff up. Apparently a bunch of, shall we say, men in Somalia are all worked-off that women are wearing bras that make their breasts look firmer than they really are. So they are rounding women up in the streets, forcing them to remove their bras, and then shake their breasts so their “firmness” can be judged. Apparently Islamic law has a strict “firmness index” that must be adhered to at all times, so when a man finally makes his way through the layers of clothing they force women to wear he won’t be disappointed by the boobs he eventually finds.

The Islamist group is called Al Shabaab, which is Arabic for “Let’s find an excuse to go out and molest women and check-out their tits”. These guys get a high rating on the GraceLessLand “stupid fuck index”. In fact we’ve extended the scale to accomodate them, and it now goes to 11, or “Mega-douchebag”.

YouTube Censors Obama Criticism

At this link you should be seeing a fat white guy in a stupid hat reading the lyrics to a bad “rap song” about Barack Obama. But you don’t because YouTube removed it, citing “copyright infringement”. I’ve seen the video. It’s Kansas state Rep. Bill Otto, apparently sitting in an outhouse, doing a very bad rap satire. There’s no music. As far as I can tell he isn’t using someone elses’ words. Perhaps there is a copyright on stupidity?

Otto’s daughters removed the video once already, being mortified that their old man could be such a blazing moron. But Bill Otto isn’t the kind of guy who’s thwarted by intelligence – he put it back. Then YouTube took it down because they are now a big corporate site and big corporate sites are known for their repressive policies, often just made-up on the spur of the moment because they feel like it.

Censorship: it’s not just for tin pot dictators and communist regimes anymore. It’s as American as running a massive deficit.