“Skin Whitening Cream” Found In MJ’s Bedroom

This story on the¬†Fox News site reveals what many have long suspected: Michael Jackson used skin whitening products to lighten his skin color. This is completely different than white people using skin darkening products to give themselves phony tans. That’s just to get a phony tan – everyone still knows you’re white. How many people knew Jackson was black? Oh, right – everybody.

And We’re Baaaack!

Repeat after me: “Hughes.net sucks monkeys”

I told them it was a database problem at their end. I even told them how it happened and how to fix it. But I was talking to “Romeo” in India, and the customer knowing what they are talking about wasn’t in any of his protocol scripts.

And it takes three weeks to get a tech out here because the nearest one for Hughes is like 300 miles away. And I’ll have to pay for the house call.

In nine months my service agreement expires – and then these weasels are history.