Republicans Get Biggest House Win Since 1940s

The Republican party has completely dominated Democrats with their win with 239 of the 435 seats in the House of Representatives. Unlike their Democrat predecessors they won’t be afraid to use their power to rape and pillage the government and people of the U.S. If you thought the Huns were bad news you haven’t seen anything yet.

Representative John Boehner (pronounced "Boner") reveals his plans as the next House Speaker.

3 comments on “Republicans Get Biggest House Win Since 1940s

  1. You have Stockholm syndrome friend. You have been abused by progressives, both Republicans and Democrats, for so long that you no longer question them.

    The new Republicans are for the people. It is now safe to go outside again. You do not have to completely fear your government any longer.

    Give the new Republicans a chance before you pull an Olbermann and condemn them for the mistakes of the progressives.


    • Yeah. They’re new and improved, and they’re going to make government whiter and brighter. It’s the same old crap in a new box.


  2. We haven’t seen this kind of “crap” in a long time, if ever in my life time.

    You want to know what to look for? If the new process is working, some of the Republicans voted in this year will be voted out in primaries in 2 years because they “go along to get along” with the “old crap” politicians.


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