Clips You Should Have Heard In Quake 3 Team Arena

Lately I have rediscovered Quake 3 Team Arena – a classic, straightforward shooter, perhaps the best of all time. Even against the ‘bots you can tweak up a good game on certain maps. However, in the interest of complete honesty, there are some voice clips you should hear the “Announcer Voice” say:

  • “Prepare your team (for an ass-kicking)”
  • “At no time will the enemy team not have your flag”
  • “Gimp” (when you pick up the always useless “Ammo Regen” sigil, except at the sniper towers on “Overdose”)
  • “Darwin” (when you slip and fall into the Mist of Fatal Death because you’re a Scout and have no brakes)
  • “Your team has jack-and-squat”
  • “Jack-and-squat returned”
  • “Denied like the silly-assed poser you are” (when another player gets a pick-up just before you do)
  • “The enemy team has your flag, your ass, and your nuts in a vice”
  • “Mostly-invisibility” (when you get the invisibility-except-for-the-flag pick-up)
  • “Whiner” (when you pick up the big pink “W” sigil)
  • “Your team are a bunch of idiots who can’t tell when the flag is two feet from the base”
  • “Quad Self-Damage” (when you pick up the Quad on “Stronghold Return”)
  • “Suicidal” (instead of “Scout” when you pick up the green “S” sigil)
  • “Why bother?” (when you pick up the Nail Gun)
  • “Loser” (when another player gets an “Excellent” at your expense)
  • “Retard” (when another player frags you twice in under two seconds)
  • “Your ‘bots are all stuck in a corner dry-humping each other”
  • “Pussy Mode” (when you add ‘bots to your team and set them all at “Nightmare” skill)
  • “Holy Shit You Suck” (when you are fragged two feet away from capturing the enemy flag)

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