Trump Says He Won’t Run In 2012

Millionaire mogul and reality television star Donald Trump stunned almost no one when he announced he is not running for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012. The well-known self-aggrandizing blowhard said his heart just wasn’t in it. This comes only two days after Mike Huckabee announced he would not run, also due to heart problems.

Trump made headlines and cable news appearances as he badgered President Barack Obama into releasing his “long form” birth certificate, and then questioned the President’s intelligence and qualifications to attend Harvard. When these annoying ploys finally started to hurt Trump’s TV ratings (his integrity was never in question – he has none) he backed-down from his attacks on Obama, and has now admitted he isn’t in any way, by any stretch of the imagination, a serious candidate for the presidency.

Which didn’t keep right-wing Republicans and Libertarians from supporting him. But then, their sense of reality is almost as “real” as Trump’s TV show.

Trump's hair and clothing were disappointed by his decision not to run.

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