Washington Phones, Email, Web Sites Jammed

Last night President Barack Obama asked citizens to let their congressional representatives know they want an end to partisan bickering on the debt, and all lines of communication into the nation’s capital were jammed today, but who was calling depended on who you asked.

Democrats claim the communications are in favor of their “balanced” approach of taxes on the wealthy and more profligate borrowing.

Republicans claim these calls are just “liberal activists” and that most callers support the Boehner plan of fueling the economy with the burning dead bodies of the poor and elderly.

If a compromise isn’t found before August 2, the U.S. government will be unable to pay bills – most importantly the interest on money it’s already borrowed. This will cause lenders to lower the nation’s credit rating, drive up interest rates, and send the stock market crashing. All things each side can blame the other for in upcoming elections.

The House of Representatives phone was jammed due to the high numbers of callers.

Leaders Of The Free World Address U.S. Citizens

It was kind of like they were trying to get their mom to mediate a dispute.

President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner appealed directly to the American people in their attempts to find a solution to the debt stalemate.