Romney Protested At NH Tea Party Rally

GOP presidential nomination contender Mitt Romney asks New Hampshire Tea Party members how to gain their support?

Mitt Romney faced protests at a Tea Party rally in New Hampshire Sunday. Members of Tea Party organization FreedomWorks demonstrated at the rally held by rival gang The Tea Party Express.

“He has not been consistently pro-market, pro-limited government, against government overreach. And that’s what we’re concerned about,” FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe said. “Also he blinks a lot – have you noticed how much he blinks? It’s unnatural. And he seems very tall. And he hasn’t made any promises to cut the price of a gallon of gas. And he looks terrible in yellow.”

Members of the Express and FreedomWorks donned leather jackets and brandished switchblade knives as they engaged in a bloody melee. Cries of “No blinkers!” and “Yellow is a terrible color for ANYONE!” could be heard as the combatants squared-off in the parking lot at the rally.