Regis Philbin Says TV is “On The Way Down”

Morning chat show host Regis Philbin says television is "taking a step down" due to cable TV's lack of standards. For example they put a lot of has-beens into low budget shows that essentially do the same material show after show....

Morning chat show and game show superstar Regis Philbin, who is retiring at age 80, says television standards are declining. “It has all been a step down. The cable shows have no boundaries and they can do whatever they want with it, and the broadcasting stations are beginning to look at that and see how it attracts an audience and are beginning to take that step down too.”

Philbin cites his own popularity as a prime example. “Look at my show: it’s a washed-up second banana to Joey Bishop and the current bimbo-of-the-week basically drinking coffee and talking about how much better our lives are than the viewers’ lives. Have you seen that crap? Half of the time it’s just an excuse to get my wife on the air so she doesn’t complain about how much younger tail I’m getting on the side – y’know what I mean? HUH!?! DO YOU!?! ALL RIGHT!!!”