GOP Unveils Voluntary Tax “Buffet Bill”

The new GOP “Buffet Bill” allows people to voluntarily pay more in taxes. To spread the word the government will hire Jerry Lewis because “he’s got experience in this sort of thing and we hear he’s available”.

To counter the Obama administration and billionaire Warren Buffet’s call for tax increases on people making more than $1 million annually, the GOP majority in the House of Representatives has announced a “Buffet Bill” of their own that will allow voluntary over-payments on taxes.

“If individuals like Warren Buffett or President Obama are inclined to donate their own personal money toward paying down the federal government’s debt, they ought to have that right to do so voluntarily,” said John Thune (R –  S. Dakota), author of the bill. “And if other rich people want to keep paying their money directly to members of congress, they should have that right as well.”

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