Who Will Be Next?

There's no telling what will cause a Republican candidate to burst into flames and go down like the proverbial lead balloon.

3 comments on “Who Will Be Next?

  1. I like the angle of this blog; as I am not American this has given me a good insight so thanks.
    I’ve just started up a blog of my own as part of my coursework towards my degree in politics and media… looking for followers right now as i’m fairly new to this. So if you have a minute would you mind checking it out?


  2. I think you have to put Newt in the Dumb category as well. Didn’t he say in a debate that he’d order secret operations to go into Iran to take out their nuclear program and then pubically totally deny it? So, when he’s president and that happens we will all just believe that it was an act of god, right?



    • Yeah – but he’s got a major bump in the polls lately. It’s funny that as all the new kids get worn out one-by-one, all they’re left with is the old re-treads like Romney and Newt.


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