UC Davis CA Police Feel Threatened By Potentially Argumentative Protesters

A near-near riot was first averted, then almost caused by Lt. John Pike of the University of California at Davis Police Department ((530) 752-3989 japikeiii@ucdavis.edu) when he pepper-sprayed student protesters who were defiantly sitting still and singing hymns. When the protesters sat their ground despite the burning effects of the chemical attack, Lt. Pike valiantly sprayed them a second time.

After being doused with pepper spray the student protesters sat their ground. Nine were arrested. The attending crowd grew during the confrontation, then surrounded the police and forced them to retreat while chanting "Shame on you! You can go!"

Students protesting at the University of California at Davis were repeatedly pepper-sprayed by a campus police officer as they sat across a walkway on the bucolic Northern California campus. The entire confrontation was captured live on video from numerous handheld cameras and broadcast over the Internet almost instantaneously.

Lt. John Pike of the University of California at Davis Police Department ((530) 752-3989 japikeiii@ucdavis.edu), who we understand really likes to have a LOT of pizza delivered, sprayed the seated protesters at close range. When the gasping and moaning students still refused to move, Pike sprayed them a second time.

According to UC Davis police chief Annette Spicuzza, the students were surrounding police officers as they sat in their tightly-linked circle. “They were cutting the officers off from their support, It’s a very volatile situation. School police are not very well trained, and can snap under stress – we’re just lucky there were no broken bones, crushed skulls, or deaths as a result of the police panic.”

UC Davis chancellor Linda Katehi is forming a task force to investigate the police action. “The use of the pepper spray as shown on the video is chilling to us all and raises many questions about how best to handle situations like this,” Katehi said. “Of course we could just view the dozens of on-the-spot videos of the incident, but that might not leave enough wiggle room for politicians like me to distance ourselves from the events. We’re looking at instituting a ‘Barney Fife’ policy, whereby each officer will have one tiny pepper in their pocket – perhaps a jalapeno or a serano.”

3 comments on “UC Davis CA Police Feel Threatened By Potentially Argumentative Protesters

  1. Getting pepper sprayed probably sucks – but this is funny. Mainly because the police look like such douche-nozzles.
    Anyway, I was kinda tinkering around with the idea that these sort of events are fueled by – no offense to your funny article – innacurate media. I just happened to see this.


    • Yeah, you’ve got to pick and choose from what the media gushes-forth. But in this case there is raw video shot at the scene on phones and whatnot – it’s pretty conclusive that this guy Pike is a total flesh-wick.


  2. John Pike, Anette Spicuzza and the rest of those ‘cops’ are the goon squad for the rich, like UC president Mark Yudof and UC Chancellor Linda Katehi. These people make obscene amounts of money, and they think UC is their fiefdom – from which they tried to banish students who are protesting peacefully by calling in the goons, Of course their goon squad was caught on video assaulting sitting student protesters for no reason, and Yudof and Katehi at least had to appear to side with UC students, even though they were the ones who called out their goon squad! This sheds light on the abuses of senior UC staff, and the four lowlifes mentioned above need to be forced to resign! Time to occupy UC.


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