OWS Hand Gestures Explained

The Occupy Wall Street movement has created a system of hand gestures for communicating during meetings. This was the result of practical requirements, since during the early organization phase of the movement they didn’t want to make noise and wake-up their parents. Below are some illustrations explaining the meaning of these signals.

Explanation of hand signals used by the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

Disturbing Allegations About Herman Cain

Startling and shocking new details have emerged regarding allegations made against Herman Cain when he led the National Restaurant Association in the late 1990s. A POLITICO report alleged that two female employees at the association accused Cain of inappropriate behavior when Cain was president of the organization.

That’s right – Herman Cain was president of the National Restaurant Association – the largest national lobbying group representing the restaurant industry. Herman Cain was a lobbyist!

The zen nature of this circular path is frightening because zen is like an Asian thing and China is in Asia. But beyond that, it’s not unusual for politicians to become lobbyists after they leave office, because the only job sleazier than being a politician is lobbying, and political office is like a prerequisite.

But here we have someone who was a lobbyist, a form of life lower than insurance salesman and workman’s compensation attorney combined, vying for the highest office in the land, nay, the very world!

The words “tremendous political mind-fuck” don’t even begin to describe the tremendous political mind-fuck this stunning revelation is. Because if a lobbyist can run for President of the United States then the old saying is true: anyone really can become President of the United States – and if that’s actually true instead of just being the kind of brain-washing propaganda taught in our schools, well, what’s next? Even an ACTOR could get elected!

(Huh? what’s that…Reagan?…OH FOR GOD’S SAKE!)