New Perry Ad Seen By Many As Insensitive

Texas Governor Rick Perry attempts to carve a new niche for himself with a campaign ad some are calling "insensitive", while others are just calling it "stupid".

Former GOP front-runner Rick Perry is trying to expand into the vacuum left by the departure of Herman Cain by touting his Christian credentials in a new campaign ad that attacks gays serving in the military at the same time it attacks the separation of church and state.

Perry claims America’s problems can be pegged to letting gays serve in the military but not allowing children to worship in school. Unfortunately for his credibility he doesn’t say anything about America’s problems being caused by brainless and greedy politicians who will do and say anything if they think it will get them into a position of power, from which they can command large bribes from lobbyists and sell their influence to the highest bidder.

Perry is also wearing a really bitchin’ two-tone jacket in the ad – and walking on a nice green lawn, and his hair is perfectly coiffed. Just in case you muted the sound the second he appeared on-screen he wants to make a good impression.