Sinead O’Connor Marriage Back On After 5 Days

Infamous pop singer Sinead O'Connor announced on her Web site that she and 12th husband Barry Herridge are back together after a five-day separation.

Sinead O’Connor, who married 16th husband Barry Herridge in December only to announce their impending divorce 16 days later, has re-announced that the couple are back together.

“Spent a beautiful evening of love making with none other than my husband,” the Irish pop star wrote on her Web site. “We decided to be boyfriend and whatever again and stay married, maybe.” O’Connor went on the state she and Herridge will be “sickeningly happy” together.

Herridge, who is O’Connor’s 23rd husband, says he absolutely agrees.

O’Connor plans to meet with a marriage counselor. She also hopes to move in with her husband “in like a year, like regular people.” Herridge says he doesn’t want to rush into anything.

(NOTE: At the time of publication no mention of the couple’s reunion could be found at ).

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