Rick Perry Drops Out Of GOP Race – Endorses Gingrich

Texas Governor Rick Perry thought short and easy about his chances of winning the Republican candidacy for president and decided to drop out of the race. He endorsed Newt "At Least I'm Not Mitt Romney" Gingrich as his choice for the GOP nomination. Doubts about Perry's intellectual capacity and his ability to add single digit numbers probably led to his downfall as a candidate.

Rick Perry, the Texas Governor who famously couldn’t remember all three of the government departments he wanted to shut-down, and who often stumbled through long rambling statements with unclear subject-verb agreement, has announced he will close his campaign to the be the Republican nominee for President. Perry said he is throwing his support behind Newt Gingrich, who unfortunately speaks very clearly and says really frightening things as he articulates his post-apocalyptic vision of America’s future.

Below we see Perry on his home turf, firing the starting gun for the annual “Texas Mexican Roundup”. This is one of the rare photos of Perry holding a gun that isn’t pointed squarely at his feet.

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