Gingrich Humiliated In Nevada Caucuses

Yeah - okay, obviously we just recycled the graphic from the Florida primary. At first that was going to be just because we didn't expect the placement of any of the candidates to change, so all we'd have to do is change the result totals. But then who would have thought Ron Paul wouldn't be in last place? So we had to do a bit more work on it, which sucked because of the hangover we have from the party celebrating our 500th post a few minutes ago.

Gingrich Blasts “Subway-Riding Elites”

GOP next-to-front-runner Newt "I Don't Need My Medication" Gingrich made an election appearance in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday where he made reference to "elites" who live in "high-rises" and "ride the subway". Obviously this is a case of something that happened in Vegas that didn't stay in Vegas.