Wait A Second….

Everyone who is working themselves into a depressive frenzy wailing over Whitney Houston drowning in a bathtub full of her own vomit please stop and give a thought to, say,  all those people in Syria who are being slaughtered by their own government, or the soldiers who just died in Afghanistan for no really good reason, or really just about anyone who wasn’t a pampered pop star who made bad choices and are responsible for their own tragic demise, but are instead victims of an unjust and uncaring world.

Just sayin’

Beach Boys Reunite For Grammy Awards Show

The Beach Boys celebrated their 50th anniversary as a band with a reunion performance of "Good Vibrations" on the 2012 Grammy Awards program, even though for most of those years they performed without songwriter Brian Wilson who was busy being extremely mentally ill, mainly due to the abusive treatment he received from his psycho father. So perhaps "celebration" should be taken in a metaphorical context.