Animal Rights Nut Shops For Hitman On Facebook

The FBI says Meredith Lowell, 27, of Cleveland, solicited for a contract killer to murder someone wearing fur. According to court records Lowell wanted the victim to be at least 12 years-old and she wanted to be present at the killing so she could distribute literature afterward. She offered as much as $850 for the job.

There’s no joke here, just the obvious point that the belief animals have rights is a form of mental illness.

Indiana State Rep. Calls Girl Scouts A “Radicalized” Group Of Lesbians

Indiana State Representative Bob Morris (Republican, if you couldn't guess - and illegitimate child of Dick Morris and Janet Reno) claims the Girl Scouts are a "radicalized" organization that promotes a "homosexual lifestyle", and are a covert arm of Planned Parenthood.