Sister-Ship Of “Costa Concordia” Towed Into Port

The cruise ship "Allegra" was towed into port after losing power off the coast of Madagascar Monday. Passengers had to endure 3 days of horror as they bathed in bottled water and dined on cold cuts. The "Allegra" is a sister-ship to the "Costa Concordia" that wrecked off the coast of Italy in January, killing 21 people.

Gingrich Loses Wyoming Caucu – Oh Who Gives A Shit!

That’s it – we’ve had it with these states with their jive pussy-assed caucuses! If you can’t have a real election like normal people then we’re not going to even talk about you, let alone put in the time to make a graphic for like 2,000 fucking voters!

Either move into the 21st century by moving into the 20th century and hold a damned election or just shut the Hell up!