The Ethical Foundations Of American Government

Today’s Big Question was: do you understood the ethical foundations of American government? (No, it wasn’t a test.)

Answer: The Ethical Foundations of American Government (EFAG):

1) It’s okay to own slaves, and each one is 5/8 of a person

2) You can’t vote unless you’re a white man who owns land

3) No one of any importance was living here when the white folks arrived

4) We’d better have a second chamber of Congress made-up of the wealthiest citizens to keep an eye on that small landholder rabble in the House – we’ll call it the Senate because that’s what the Romans called it, and we really admire them

5) While they were useful during the Revolution, radicals like Sam Adams have no place in our conservative white republic – better have various local “police actions” to put them in their place

6) When it really comes down to it we don’t like the French

Fortunately a lot of this stuff didn’t survive Jefferson, Jackson, and Lincoln, except for the Senate and disliking the French.

Gingrich Caught Napping At Campaign Appearance

GOP presidential candidate Newt "Where's The Coffee?" Gingrich fell asleep on the dais at an appearance before the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee. Once awakened Gingrich indicated he was ready to take questions from the "panel" - but was informed there was no panel.