Manufacturer: Pink Slime Is Good For Kids

Beef Products Inc., makers of ground beef that includes the filler "Pink Slime", says the products it sells to schools are not only safe but good for kids. "Pink Slime" is a combination of beef fat and waste trimmings that is treated with ammonia to kill the high levels of salmonella bacteria.

Beef Products Inc., makers of ground beef products that use the filler known as “Pink Slime”, says its “lean finely textured beef” or LFTB is perfectly safe and nutritious. The federal government has plans to buy 7 million pounds of ground beef that includes “Pink Slime”.

“Including LFTB in the national school lunch program’s beef products accomplishes three important goals on behalf of 32 million kids,” BPI spokesman Rich Jochum said. “It 1) improves the nutritional profile, 2) increases the safety of the products and 3) makes us a buttload of money because the stuff in Pink Slime is essentially garbage.”

“Pink Slime” is made from fat and waste trimmings – where salmonella and E. Coli concentrations are highest – and saves as much as three cents per pound of processed ground beef.

“And we’re passing that savings on to you, the consumer” Jochum said. “Sure if you actually saw or smelled this stuff you’d gag on your own vomit, but we’re talking three cents a pound!”

“Lorax” Kicks “John Carter”‘s Ass

"The Lorax" took in another $39 million this weekend, bringing its total to $122 million after ten days. Newcomer "John Carter", the $250 million epic from Disney opened with a mere $30 million - although its total international and domestic take is over $100 million.

Scientists Measure Effect Of Fukushima Radiation On Ocean

Scientists have measured low levels of radioactivity up-to 400 miles off-shore of the damaged Fukishima nuclear plant that leaked radiation into the Pacific. However levels of radioactivity in fish are not decreasing, and many "hot spots" appear to exist on the sea floor.