Space Fence To Stop Debris, Aliens, Passes First Test

The new space fence should stop orbital debris and illegal space aliens from coming to Earth.

A radar “space fence” has passed its first tests conducted by the U.S. Air Force and designer Lockheed Martin. The fence, dubbed “Earth Picket One”, can detect and track millions of objects from the size of a small bolt to the size of an intergalactic space cruiser.

“The successful detection and tracking of resident space objects and non-resident space aliens are important steps in demonstrating technology maturity, cost certainty and low program risk,” Steve Bruce, vice president of the Space Fence program for Lockheed Martin, said in a statement. “Our final system design incorporates a scalable, solid-state S-band radar, with a higher wavelength frequency capable of detecting space junk and job-seeking life forms – even if they aren’t carbon-based.”

More Southern Discomfort For Gingrich

Mississippi voters agreed with Alabamans that Rick Santorum might be just the kind of crazy needed to beat Barack Obama in November. However they managed to send a mixed message by giving Newt Gingrich a second place win just 2 percentage points behind. And Mitt Romney was right after Gingrich with just 1% less. Ron Paul gave one of his worst showings yet - a real boost toward that job he's eying on Fox News.