Blagojevich Gives Farewell Speech Before Going To Prison

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich gave a final farewell speech to supporters and the press before entering a Colorado prison to serve his 14-year sentence for political corruption.


Washington Monument May Be Sinking

The 555-foot Washington Monument may be sinking as a result of damage sustained in an August 23, 2011, earthquake.

A National Geodetic Survey report says the Washington Monument may be sinking. The famous 555-foot stone obelisk has been closed to the public since being damaged in a earthquake in 2011.

“Our initial observations show a difference of around 2 millimeters at several of the survey markers in the vicinity of the monument,” Chief Geodetic Surveyor Dave Doyle said. “And while the depth may be trivial, there is no doubt the monument has become somewhat soft and flaccid.”

Workers from the Geodetic Survey and the National Parks Service have been struggling to keep the monument up since cracks were discovered shortly after the quake. “It’s a safety issue” Doyle said. “To make it safe for the public to use the monument we may need to place some kind of barrier around it – perhaps something flexible yet very thin so as not to reduce people’s feelings of patriotism.”