House Passes GOP Budget Plan

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives on Thursday passed the GOP leadership's 2013 budget plan by a partisan 228-191 vote.

NYC Schools Want To Ban Words From Tests

If New York City's Department of Education gets its way, this dinosaur will simply not exist in standardized tests used in the city's schools.

The Department of Education of New York City has a list of “sensitive words” it wants to ban from standardized tests. If the Department gets its way words such as “religion”, “dinosaur”, “Christmas”, and “birthday” will not be used in testing materials. It is not unusual for school boards and city departments to create such lists of banned words.

Other words NYC might consider banning are “reality”, “truth”, “knee-jerk”, “fear”, “dumbass”, “pussy liberal”, and “bureaucrat”. And words that might be particularly sensitive to New York City such as “urine”, “transvestite”, “corruption”, “cabbie”, “prostitutes”, and “Bloomberg”.