Ashley Judd Responds To Plastic Surgery Reports

Actress Ashley Judd, star of the television series "Missing", has responded to speculation that she has had plastic surgery with a scathing indictment of the news media, their methods, and agenda. Unfortunately most of the people she was criticizing have no idea what she meant because she used too many big words that are beyond a 5th grade vocabulary.

Good Luck To The Santorum Family

While we have had a lot of fun at candidate Rick Santorum’s expense, that’s all part of the twisted politics and even more twisted sense of humor here at GraceLessLand. Good luck to Mr. Santorum, his entire family, and most especially his 3-year-old daughter Bella. A lot of candidates leave a race or an office with the lame excuse they want to “spend more time with the family”, but in this case that is the most noble reason possible. We look forward to skewering candidate Santorum again at some time in the future, and wish him and his family well.