Introducing “Is It Wrong?”

We’re starting a new feature here at GraceLessLand: the “Is It Wrong?” list of moral dilemmas. You can access the first entry in what may become a regularly updated page from the home page menu above. As always, GraceLessLand reserves the right to start something and then never think about it again.

Transplanted Heart Rejects Cheney

Ex-Vice President Dick "Dick" Cheney has had a setback with his recent heart transplant. "Apparently the donor was a liberal, and the heart is demanding Mr. Cheney change his views on the Buffet Rule" Cheney's doctor said.

Secret Service/Military Scandal In Colombia Deepens

The security clearances of 11 members of the Secret Service have been suspended pending an investigation into allegation the agents engaged the services of prostitutes while in Colombia. The agents were in the capital Cartagena to prepare for President Barack Obama's visit there. Also being investigated are from five to ten "military troops" who were working with the Secret Service agents.