Why I Love Social Networking

THE PETITION (the original post):


THE COMMENTS (aggregated from a single poster):

If you take this “pledge”
You should also renounce the
ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, AlterNet, DailyKos, MoveOn, MMFA

FoxNews versus all those is unfair to FoxNews, right?

If FoxNews is bad, the others are far worse!

. . .

Petitions scare the nonsense out of politicians, some companies and people.
5000 signatures make uninformed {people,companies,politicians} change their views.
Backbone, therein, is missing.

Witness the Voter ID issues ALEC has experienced.
ALEC has no moral fiber.

Voter ID laws only ask a voter to absolutely identify
himself or herself. Were you a precinct voter volunteer,
what, EXACTLY, would you require of a voter to
ACCURATELY identify that voter?

I think a Voter ID is PROFOUNDLY obvious to any who
does not have an alternative agenda.

. . .

All “pledges” must provide logic AND clarity, or they only summon the mob.
You know that!

This “pledge” summons the mob — “the mob” is a TRUE representation of
Bullying – a.k.a. HATE.

The “pledge” provides no logic, ethics or justification for the majority of
Americans to support it.


By your reasoning, [poster’s name] , the Pledge of Allegiance is invalid as it involves pledging one’s allegiance to a flag (an inanimate object) rather than the actual nation (a political and social ideal), which is illogical, and it invokes a supreme being whose existence cannot be proven.

Voter ID laws are unconstitutional as they presume all citizens will have some form of ID, and there are citizens who refuse to do so for ideological, political, and even religious reasons. And that has nothing to do with illegal immigrants or racism.

“Moral fiber” just makes you shit opinions and is irrelevant to any discussion of “logic” and “clarity”.

I do agree about swearing-off using any American media outlets, though. Any so-called “news source” that is dependent on advertising and corporate sponsors for its existence is untrustworthy. That’s why I get most of my news from the BBC and (ironically) Al Jazeera. Neither engages in American-style “press release” journalism. They actually investigate and report. And they have no patriotic political agenda to color their reporting on the U.S. to make us look like the world’s “good guys”: the fact that we are right now going through scandals involving prostitutes in Colombia, and soldiers posing with body parts in Afghanistan, invalidates that mythos. Although really all you need to do is look at the history of our foreign policy to accomplish that.

I truly do love this country, but I really hate most of the assholes who have run it and are running it. And the behavior of our business community is, historically, beneath contempt. Most of the average people who live here are pretty good people though. Except for Ted Nugent. That guy’s a dick.

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