University Of Colorado Busts 4/20 Smokers

Boulder, Colorado sheriffs' deputies arrest students at the University of Colorado for smoking marijuana to celebrate the annual "4/20" marijuana legalization protest. While these deputies were leading these students away in handcuffs, Secret Service agents who had engaged prostitutes while on duty were allowed to resign with no further action taken.

One comment on “University Of Colorado Busts 4/20 Smokers

  1. Actually they were not arrested for smoking pot….they were given a “trespassing” charge. I would like to know how anyone can possibly be trespassing when CU Boulder is PUBLIC property. There is a huge problem when only 3 people were brave enough to stand up to the police state tactics that so blatantly violated all our rights yesterday. I commend these few people and thank them for standing up to the criminal thugs who are taking our freedoms away nit by bit everyday. Shame on CU and how pathetic are all those hundreds of people who submitted so easily. I shouldve skipped work and been there. I regret that. I dont smoke and 420 isnt an event Id usually partake, but the issue here is much bigger than pot. Our right to free assembly and free speech is being violated! I really thought the people wouldnt go so easily into submission. Shows that what used to be the heart of progressive movements(college students) have been effectively trained to be slaves. Welcome to your POLICE STATE


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