Will Kim Kardashian Run For Office?

Rumors are flying that Kim Kardashian, famous for being Kim Kardashian, may run for Mayor of Glendale, CA. This may change, however, once someone explains to her what a "mayor" is.

3 comments on “Will Kim Kardashian Run For Office?

  1. Oh god, not another one! 😐 Google ‘Warrick Capper’. He is an expornstar/footballer/lollypopman/metermaid that wanted to run for a government position in Australia . . . . . you’d think getting in to politics would require some kind of IQ test that would exclude these idiots from getting these ideas 😛


  2. I think an IQ test would go sharply against a potential candidate. People don’t want to be bothered with numbers these days. They want rhetoric that is mindless so they don’t have to think. Making them think caused a brain cramp. A nasty thing. Looking at fat injected booty is the only reasonable alternative to creative thought.


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