Gov. Scott Says Florida Will Not Implement “Obamacare”

Florida Governor Rick Scott says he believes the Affordable Care Act will be repealed when Mitt Romney is elected president, and so Florida will not implement it. Of course if Romney isn’t elected then he will be able to back-out of this by saying obviously America wants to be run by a Kenyan socialist Muslim, and who is he to argue? Of course to not implement a federal law could lead to loss of federal funding for related programs and services, which would probably be the end of Scott’s political career. So no matter what kind of b.s. he spouts now before the election, it still just amounts to bullshit.

PETA Takes-On Olson Twins Over Fur Backpack

The animal rights terrorist group People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA – just one letter away from the Spanish “puta”) are beating-up on the little Olson twins for marketing a backpack made with animal fur.