New Mexico Court: Photgrapher Can’t Refuse To Photograph Lesbian Ceremony

The New Mexico Court of Appeals has ruled against a photographer who refused to take a job offered by two lesbians who wanted pictures of their commitment ceremony.

“This is just wrong! It’s against religious freedom!” said the Christian photographer who owns Elane Photography. “I told them I couldn’t do the job because of my beliefs! It says right there in the Bible ‘Thou shalt not photograph lesbians’!”

2 comments on “New Mexico Court: Photgrapher Can’t Refuse To Photograph Lesbian Ceremony

  1. In all fairness, this is the first I’ve heard of this case, but shouldn’t a business owner be allowed to refuse service to anyone for any reason? I’m not saying I agree with the photographer’s beliefs, but if we begin forcing business owners to provide service, we’re curbing their freedom to their own beliefs.


    • So they can refuse service to someone for being a Jew? I strongly disagree with Christianity – should I be allowed to refuse business to Christians? Should a gay photographer be allowed to refuse to do business with heterosexuals?

      People get around non-discrimination laws anyway – the house was suddenly “just rented” when a prospective tenant who is black shows up, etc.

      I agree it is a fine line: how many people would say you should be forced to do business with a convicted child molester? Almost none – even though most of those people would agree that once a felon serves their sentence they should be treated just like anyone else.

      It’s a tough question. Should everyone have the same rights – say the right to marry? I’d say yes. Because you have that right does that mean the private sector has to accept you? I don’t know. Is a photographer refusing work from a gay couple the same as a restaurant refusing to serve them? Would it be okay for the restaurant to refuse to serve a black couple?


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