Romney Wants To Restore “Anglo-Saxon” Solidarity

In a column in the UK “Telegraph” correspondent John Swaine quoted unnamed “advisers” to Mitt Romney as saying “We are part of an Anglo-Saxon heritage, and he feels that the special relationship is special” (instead of being a special relationship that isn’t special – you know, like between two men) and “The White House didn’t fully appreciate the shared history we have” – supposedly because the President isn’t Anglo-Saxon enough.

Swaine reported that Romney “embarks on an overseas tour of Britain, Israel and Poland designed to quash claims by Mr Obama’s team that he is a ‘novice’ in foreign affairs”, apparently by proving he can book a flight and that he knows other countries exist.

Swaine pointed out President Obama’s contempt for Britain by revealing that he presented then Prime Minister Gordon Brown with “a set of DVDs that did not work in Britain”. That was probably just as well because GraceLessLand has uncovered the titles of those DVDs: “The Patriot”, “1776!”, and “The Buccaneer” (the original good one with Frederick March).

It is of course a complete coincidence that Romney will arrive in England in time for the start of the Olympics, in which his wife’s million-dollar horse will dance in the international alliance-building sport of “Dressage”. Because if it weren’t just a coincidence it might be questionable for him to spend campaign funds to pay for the trip.

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