Romney Chooses Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan For Running Mate

Mitt Romney has put an end to all the speculation and announced his pick for a vice-presidential running mate: Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan. Ryan is no stranger to those who follow the workings of government: he famously quotes Ayn Rand, calls military leaders liars, and has dissed Mitt Romney’s health care reforms in Massachusetts for years now. He’s also the Master of Republican Budgets, famously creating a fiscal plan that would have put millions out of work, raised taxes on everyone except the wealthy, and led to the deaths of untold numbers of poor people who are dependent on the government for health care. Fortunately the plan failed to pass through the House and Senate the way a radioactive plutonium brick would fail to pass through the human colon.

Here is a short list of the many things about Paul Ryan that should make you afraid – very afraid – should this man be put within a heartbeat of the presidency. And with all that inbreeding among Mormons there’s no telling when one of Romney’s major organs will fail….

(One item not on that list: he used to drive the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile!)

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