Ohio’s Jon Husted Decides Outright Corruption Is A (Personal) Problem

In Ohio the Secretary of State, Jon Husted, has decided that all 88 Ohio counties will have extended ansentee voting hours so voters can have extra time to vote. On his Web site Husted says “As  Ohio’s chief elections officer, I have sought to create an environment where  the election can be about candidates and their ideas, not the process for  electing them.”

And it’s very important to Husted that people don’t think too much about the process of electing politicians, because Husted attempted to pull the wool over the eyes of not only Ohio’s voters, but every voter in the nation by rigging it so that only Republican-leaning counties would have extended voting hours. You see in Ohio the county election boards each have two Republicans and two Democrats as members. The Republican members put forward motions to extend the hours in only those counties with Republican majorities. Of course the Democrats voted against them, and of course the result in each vote was a tie – a tie that legally could only be broken by the Secretary of State. Jon Husted. A Republican. Who voted with the Republicans, of course. When the Democrats in counties with Democrat majorities wanted to extend their voting schedules, the two Republican board members voted against them – and again Jon Husted broke the tie in the Republicans’ favor.

Of course once the story of Husted’s and the Ohio Republican Party’s attempt to slant the playing field in their favor  went national there was so much outrage that even a Republican couldn’t ignore the will of the people. And thus Husted’s touting of his “leveling the playing field” that he himself did so much to slant. He couldn’t very well reverse his tie-breaking vote that helped his party attempt to screw Ohio’s Democrats in the upcoming national election, so he did the only thing he could do to weasel out of a bad situation: he forced the county election boards throughout the state to adopt the new extended voting hours – even though he had previously voted against those boards in Democrat-leaning counties that wanted to extend their hours.

And that’s what makes Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted GraceLessLand’s Douchebag of the Month for August 2012!

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