Alcohol May Have Been Factor In Congressional Skinny-Dipping

Kansas representative Kevin Yoder attempts to clarify his aquatic actions taken while on a visit to Israel.

A group of U.S. congressmen who went for a nighttime swim in the Sea of Galilee – one reportedly nude – may have been drinking beforehand according to a report on In particular, Rep. Kevin Yoder (R – KS) is said to have stripped naked before plunging into the sea where Jesus is said to have walked on water. The Politico article did not say if alcohol was a factor in that earlierĀ incident.

R.I.P.: Phyllis Diller

Pioneering woman in the field of stand-up comedy. In 1955 she made her first appearance (at age 37) at the Purple Onion in San Francisco. By the 1960s she was a major star of live stand-up, television, recording, and started making movies with friend Bob Hope.

She was a trained classical pianist and a painter, and was the mother of six children.

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