Romney Spoke Before American Legion Conference

Democrats have criticized Mitt Romney for not mentioning those who serve in the military during his GOP convention speech, but Romney campaign adviser Eric Fehrnstrom points-out that the Republican candidate for president addressed the American Legion conference in Indianapolis just the day before. “Governor Romney thought it was a privilege to be speaking to people who had served so nobly” Fehrnstrom said.

Romney didn’t mention that he himself avoided the draft for the Vietnam conflict, securing deferments that allowed him to take part in a Mormon “mission” to France. Which he later lied about. But he was “overseas”.

Friar Apologizes For Having Said Anything

A Catholic friar has apologized for saying some pretty creepy stuff that makes him at least sound as if he sympathizes with pedophiles, if not actually makes one suspect he may be one.

Rev. Benedict Groeschel, in comments in the National Catholic Register, seems to be saying that pedophiles are the victims of the children. Groeschel is a founder of the Trinity Retreat House where he works with priests accused of child sexual abuse. In his original statements Groeschel says “in a lot of cases” it is actually the child who takes advantage of the adult, who may be in an emotionally weakened state.

Is pedophilia sick? Yes. Is it a disease? Probably. Can it be treated? Maybe. Does that mean we should be understanding of it? Not at all.