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This week we will deviate from our usual bunch of crap to run a series of images intended to promote the idea that the Republicans and Democrats aren’t the only political parties in the U.S. – just the only two that control everything.

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This week we will deviate from our usual bunch of crap to run a series of images intended to promote the idea that the Republicans and Democrats aren’t the only political parties in the U.S. – just the only two that control everything.


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This week we will deviate from our usual bunch of crap to run a series of images intended to promote the idea that the Republicans and Democrats aren’t the only political parties in the U.S. – just the only two that control everything.

Fundamentalist Broadcaster Outs Obama

Bryan Fischer, a broadcaster for the fundamentalist Christian American Family Association, says President Barack Obama is a “closeted Muslim”, and the proof is Obama’s wedding ring.

“ We’ve looked at the photographic evidence, we’ve seen some research on this. There’s a academic expert at Duke University that’s verified that, that is the inscription on President Obama’s ring. And it’s not just a wedding ring, he had photographs of him wearing that ring since the earlier 1980s… And the inscription, according to this academic expert at Duke — and one other prestigious university verified it — yes, the inscription on his ring says that there is no god but Allah. And the reason you haven’t seen any of that in the mainstream media is that — I mean, the mainstream media has not even discussed that — probably because it’s too fucking lame even for Fox News to touch it.”

We at GraceLessLand have learned that Fischer is only partially correct – and things are much worse than he knows:

Foreclosures Down In Most U.S. Cities

America’s leading economic indicator, housing foreclosures, are down in 62% of U.S. cities. The lack of foreclosures is expected to cause widespread unemployment in the mortgage industry and negatively impact banking profits. “Good numbers are bad numbers in the foreclosure markets” said one mortgage insider. “This could trigger a trend in good numbers such as rising employment and production rates, signaling a much healthier economy and horrible decline in homelessness. U.S. banks have been counting on continued rampant foreclosures to support their bottom line – we are invested in a high-foreclosure future!”

Mourdock: Pregnancy Due To Rape Is “God’s Will”


In a stunning demonstration of Republican brain density, GOP Senate candidate from Indiana Richard Mourdock has joined the lemming-esque political suicide spree of conservatives by stating it is his belief that “….life is a gift from God, and I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something God intended to happen.” Mourdock wants to deny a woman the right to choose abortion, allowing exceptions only in the case of the mother’s life being in danger.

Mourdock now joins such stellar GOP rape experts as Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri, who infamously said in the case of “legitimate rape” pregnancy cannot occur. Apparently Mourdock, like Akin, has decided the campaign for Senate just isn’t tough enough so he has decided to make it more challenging for himself.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has endorsed Mourdock, but immediately distanced himself from the Indianan’s statements.

R.I.P.: Russell Means

Activist, actor, musician – one of the leaders of the American Indian Movement (AIM) and Native American protest occupations at the Mayflower II, the monument at Mt. Rushmore, the Bureau of Indian Affairs hq in Washington D.C., and of course most famously at Wounded Knee in South Dakota.

Highlights From The Third Presidential Debate

Moderator Bob Schieffer of CBS News kept a steady hand on the time and the decorum.

GOP Candidate Mitt Romney gestures as he makes a point during the debate.

President Barack Obama gestures as he makes a point during the debate.

GraceLessLand Political Endorsement

Like all truly progressive political organizations GraceLessLand wants to effect change in our social and political system. We recognize that the current two party system is rigged to create a power sharing monopoly between the Republican and Democrat parties. As long as this sham exists there is no actual democracy in America.

For this reason, this election year, GraceLessLand is taking the extraordinary step of endorsing you for political office. For congress, the senate, and even for the high exalted office of president, we want you to use your write-in vote to vote for yourself!

Only by electing you can you ensure that you are truly represented in Washington D.C.! No one knows what you want better than you yourself. You know what you need to do to fix your economy. You know what you will pay in taxes. You know how you want to reform your health care system. And only you know what you can do to make your foreign policy reflect what you believe is the proper place you should have in the international community.

So strike a blow for democracy in America this election by joining millions of other Americans in voting for themselves. Your vote matters!

R.I.P.: George McGovern

In 1972 the Vietnam War was in high-gear and the nation was divided in a way it hadn’t been since perhaps the days before the Civil War. Anti-war protests turned to riots as police battled protesters in the streets. And Richard Nixon, the polarizing figure at the center of it all was running for a second term as President of The United States.

The man who ran against him on the Democratic ticket was George McGovern. There were high hopes among those who actively sought an end to the War. But McGovern was essentially trounced by Nixon in one of the dirtiest campaigns ever fought. Mis-steps by McGovern compounded the loss. He garnered only 17 electoral votes, and Nixon went on to a second, truncated term that ended when he resigned the office in disgrace.

McGovern served as a B-24 bomber pilot in Europe during World War II. After that war he returned to his native South Dakota and became a professor of history and political science. In 1956 he ran for the U.S. Congress, where he served two terms. In 1962, after a stint as a special assistant to President John F. Kennedy, McGovern was elected to the Senate, and won reelection in 1968 and in 1974. McGovern returned to teaching in the 1980s and also served in various capacities in government and the United Nations through the first decade of the 21st century.

Romney Meets With Rev. Billy Graham


GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney met with the Reverend Billy Graham on Thursday. Prior to the meeting the legendary evangelist’s Web site had listed The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as a cult, but that reference has been removed.

But Seriously Folks….

What happened Tuesday night was a joke. If the “town hall” style of debate allows the most fundamental rules of debating to be violated then no one should use it. In a real debate the candidates don’t ask each other questions, they take questions and give answers. In a real debate the candidates do not address each other at length. Even the strange Biden-Ryan debate last week had more structure and decorum, and it was like an episode of Oprah.

Candy Crowley was not a moderator, she was an emcee at an infomercial. Romney’s behavior was execrable – he was rude, he was talking over Crowley as she tried to keep to some sort of schedule, but most of all he actually went up to the current President of the United States and yelled in his face like a playground bully. No matter how you feel about a sitting president, there are rules of behavior and a certain amount of decorum to be observed in dealing with him or her. Romney stepped way over the line.

Obama started fighting fire with fire, elongating his answers and ignoring the clock. Pretty soon that red “0:00” came to be meaningless. But worst of all was the incredible amount of snide byplay and the obvious ducking of questions by both candidates – often their “answers” had absolutely nothing to do with the questions. That showed unbearable disrespect for the citizens who were posing the questions.

Scott DeJarlais Busts Himself In Recording

“You told me you’d have an abortion, and now we’re getting too far along without one,” whines Scott DeJarlais (R – TN) in a recording he made of a conversation with his then-mistress. DeJarlais wasn’t yet in congress when the affair took place, so perhaps he has had a conversion to the anti-side of the abortion debate since aligning himself with the Tea Party.

And then again, perhaps he’s just a douchebag.

President Of Mauritania Shot By Own Troops


Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz was shot by members of his country’s military Sunday in what is being termed a “friendly fire” incident. Abdel Aziz is being treated for his wounds at a French military hospital.

R.I.P.: Arlen Specter

Arlen Specter served 5 terms in the U.S. Senate. He started his political career as a Democrat, then became a Republican, and then a Democrat again. So you never know: first he was alive, now he’s dead….

What We Learned From The Vice-Presidential Debate


Paul Ryan won’t do the math on his budget and tax proposals because he can’t, and Joe Biden isn’t quite as stupid as he looks.

Matthews: Woman Who Calls Obama “Communist” Can’t Say Why

Here’s a YouTube video in which Chris Matthews talks to a woman outside the Biden vs Ryan debate who calls Barack Obama a communist. When Matthews asks her what she means, all she can say is “study it out”.

For the record, “communist” is what people call Obama because they know others will become upset if they say “nigger”.

Don’t Let Republicanism Happen To You

Above is an image of young Republican women in 1941 consulting the infamous Tarot cards of conservatism. Every one of these unfortunate women is now dead – victims of the hellish scourge called Republicanism. Of course at first it felt good: fighting communism and Democrats, keeping minorities in their place, denying other women equal rights and access to health care. But over time the effects were wearing, sapping the very life essence from these women until over 60 years later not a single one has survived.

Medical experts and left-wing pundits have known about the deleterious effects of Republicanism on men for almost 150 years: testicular atrophy, preoccupation with greed and hair loss, and the desire to have sex with congressional staffers. But the horrible toll on females has been ignored like most other female conditions like cervical cancer and being attracted to assholes with nice cars.

Haven’t women suffered and even died in silence long enough? Support the effort to stamp out Republicanism by voting for just anyone else at all this November!