GraceLessLand Political Endorsement

Like all truly progressive political organizations GraceLessLand wants to effect change in our social and political system. We recognize that the current two party system is rigged to create a power sharing monopoly between the Republican and Democrat parties. As long as this sham exists there is no actual democracy in America.

For this reason, this election year, GraceLessLand is taking the extraordinary step of endorsing you for political office. For congress, the senate, and even for the high exalted office of president, we want you to use your write-in vote to vote for yourself!

Only by electing you can you ensure that you are truly represented in Washington D.C.! No one knows what you want better than you yourself. You know what you need to do to fix your economy. You know what you will pay in taxes. You know how you want to reform your health care system. And only you know what you can do to make your foreign policy reflect what you believe is the proper place you should have in the international community.

So strike a blow for democracy in America this election by joining millions of other Americans in voting for themselves. Your vote matters!

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