Fundamentalist Broadcaster Outs Obama

Bryan Fischer, a broadcaster for the fundamentalist Christian American Family Association, says President Barack Obama is a “closeted Muslim”, and the proof is Obama’s wedding ring.

“ We’ve looked at the photographic evidence, we’ve seen some research on this. There’s a academic expert at Duke University that’s verified that, that is the inscription on President Obama’s ring. And it’s not just a wedding ring, he had photographs of him wearing that ring since the earlier 1980s… And the inscription, according to this academic expert at Duke — and one other prestigious university verified it — yes, the inscription on his ring says that there is no god but Allah. And the reason you haven’t seen any of that in the mainstream media is that — I mean, the mainstream media has not even discussed that — probably because it’s too fucking lame even for Fox News to touch it.”

We at GraceLessLand have learned that Fischer is only partially correct – and things are much worse than he knows: