Disabled Cruise Ship Towed To Docks


The cruise ship Carnival Triumph was towed to docks in Mobile, Alabama after a fire disabled it during a cruise in the Gulf of Mexico. Passengers and crew were without electricity, running water, or working toilets for several days. People were reduced to defecating into baggies.

“It was horrible. Horrible,” said passenger Janie Esparza. “The bathroom facilities were horrible and we could not flush toilets. No electricity and our rooms were in total darkness. Honestly, think that this ship should have ever sailed out.” When asked if she would ever take another cruise Esparza shook her head. “No way! Our travel agent feels really bad about this, though, and has agreed to send us on another vacation – I have the tickets right here…um, where’s ‘Syria’?”

Is South Dakota Trying To Make Killing Abortion Providers “Justifiable Homicide”?


In South Dakota┬ástate Rep. Phil Jensen has introduced a bill that explicitly makes killing someone to defend a fetus “justifiable homicide”. Reproductive rights activists claim the bill is worded in such a way that it makes murdering abortion providers legal. Jensen claims it only addresses “criminal acts that endanger a fetus”, which leaves out abortion because it is legal.

According to an article on Mother Jones’ Web site the bill states “that a homicide is permissible if committed by a person ‘while resisting an attempt to harm’ that person’s unborn child or the unborn child of that person’s spouse, partner, parent, or child”. So immediate relatives of the fetus are covered, while acquaintances and strangers are apparently still guilty of murder.

Jensen says the bill is a “trial balloon – if we can get it passed we’re going to introduce a Texas-style bill that requires a pregnant woman seeking an abortion to undergo trans-vaginal arming of the fetus itself”.

Idaho Proposal Would Make “Atlas Shrugged” Required Reading



Idaho state Sen. John Goedde has proposed a law to make “Atlas Shrugged” required reading in the state’s schools. “Already millions of Americans think of Idaho as a refuge for neo-Nazis, survivalists, gun nuts, and bizarre religious cults – why not add that we’re a bunch of Randies to that?” Goedde said.