Nugent: Blacks Are Lazy, Dirty, And Talk Funny

(Click the image to read the full story at

(Click the image to read the full story at

Dinosaur rocker and NRA front-man Ted Nugent called into a right-wing radio talk show Tuesday to “reach out to black America” and inform them they are the primary cause of racism.  He said only “the blacks” can “solve the black problem”.

Nugent contends that racism ended in the 1960s when he started touring the U.S.: “Nothing of consequence existed to deter or compromise a black American’s dream if they got an alarm clock, if they set it, if they took good care of themselves, they remained clean and sober, if they spoke clearly, and they demanded excellence of themselves and provided excellence to their employers.”

So that’s all there is to it! If all you black people would stop sleeping-in, take showers, talk like mid-western radio announcers, and just do what the boss-man says all your problems would be solved!

At least he said “the black problem” and not “the black question” – although a close-up of that patch on his hat might put his words into the proper context.