It’s All Just Going To Hell!

Due to other ventures in the online superhighway arena space GraceLessLand will return to an schedule of I’ll-post-’em-as-I-calls-’em-as-I-sees-’em like in the bad old days before the last major U.S. election.

I’m sure once candidates start actively making asses of themselves the hectic daily schedule will return. Not because I have any more time but because the itch to nab a news photo and toss it into Paintshop will become unbearable.

Right now it’s bearable. Check-back once a week or so until you see the page run red with politicians eviscerating themselves on the pointed spikes of the media.

NOTE: Actually maybe it would be interesting, as the soulless clowns start running a la grunion onto the beach of political despair, to repost stuff from the last election just to sort-of compare with what’s going-on. If I do that I’ll be sure to give it some grandiose title and a new content page even though it’s just quickly reposting old crap.

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