Everyone Loves Beach-Front Property

The Russian fleet is believed to be sailing to the Syrian port of Tartus. Russia’s defense ministry said on October 10 that the country was poised to transform its naval facility there into a permanent base.

That’s the last paragraph of this story about Russian warships moving to their new military foothold in the Middle East. It should be the first paragraph – in fact it’s short enough to be a sub-title, or one of those excerpts you see highlighted by font modifications in some blog posts.

Apparently The Truth Does Not Set You Free

(Click the image for the full story at FoxNews.com)

(Click the image for the full story at FoxNews.com)

There is no doubt that Bradley Manning broke the law. The doubt is about who those laws are meant to protect: American citizens, or the American military and government.

New Defense Sec’y Cancels Drone Operator Medal

Click the image for the full story at FoxNews.com

(Click the image for the full story at FoxNews.com)

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has decided there will be no medal for exemplary drone service. Hagel also said there will be no purple heart awards for carpal tunnel wrist injuries.

Iran Claims U.S. Drone Capture



Iran claims it has captured a U.S. drone aircraft. Although no journalists or other outsiders have seen the drone, the Iranian government did provide the above authentic, unretouched photograph. The U.S. Navy says none of its unmanned aerial vehicles is missing – like they would admit it if one was.

President Of Mauritania Shot By Own Troops


Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz was shot by members of his country’s military Sunday in what is being termed a “friendly fire” incident. Abdel Aziz is being treated for his wounds at a French military hospital.

Veteran’s Administration Criticized For Expenditures

The Veterans Administration has been criticized in a report by the office of its Inspector General for spending as much as $6 million dollars on conferences for the department’s human resources employees. Expenses included a parody video of the famous opening speech from the film “Patton”. Assistant secretary for human resources and administration John Sepulveda has resigned as a result of the report.

U.S. And NATO Forces Secure Route Out Of Afghanistan

U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan have reached agreements with Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan to allow them to exit Afghanistan through those countries, circumventing an ever-more hostile Pakistan.

(NOTE: Actually Herman Cain said “Uzbekibekistanstan”, but that would have made the word balloon taller than the entire image, so we had to make an editorial decision.)

NATO Agrees To Obama Afghanistan Strategy

NATO leaders have agreed to the Obama administration’s exit strategy to get the multinational force out of Afghanistan by the end of 2014.

Iran Produces Copy Of Captured American Drone Aircraft

An actual photograph of the Iranian copy of a downed American drone aircraft. Iranian sources say hundreds of millions of Iranian rials were spent on the program.