These Things Must Be Tested-Out Sometime

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I like to think these people, primitive as they were, took some pride in the craftsmanship shown by their weapons and tools.

I choose to believe that Og who was good at making points but not at making shafts traded with Grf who made great shafts but lousy points: for a certain amount of the passage of the Bright Thing from when it returns Og will sharpen Grf’s points, while in turn Grf will straighten Og’s shafts.

Then they contract with some distributor tribe to offer their sharpened sticks to outliers in return for colorful, glowy seashells they say they get from giants like anyone would buy that.

The Outliers are obviously in league with the bad spirits who cause babies to die and take life from the Old Ones. Some day Og and Grf will stop selling them spears and they’ll invade their land with new, improved spears tipped with sharpened bits of the seashells they get from them. Then they’ll control the seashell supply and no one else will get any weaponized seashell products.

These people weren’t just savages in competition for the meager resources they could find lying about – these people were entrepreneurs, dammit!

What Kind Of Monsters Have We Become?

I’ve often wondered what will we kill on Mars? Can a planet be inhabitable with nothing to kill? Will it be boring because there is no killing going on? Humanity has never actually experienced no killing – is it in our DNA?

Do we need killing to feel life has meaning. Perhaps human-killing-human will become the only instinctually satisfying form of killing – so we can at least watch that on the news on Mars. I take it for granted that no matter where humanity goes, the media goes with it.

Will we take animals to Mars to breed and kill them? Actually shipping cows and sheep would be too expensive, so it would have to be some kind of frozen-fetus deal. Can you grow a cow outside the womb? Will female humans be required to act as surrogates for (small) sheep or pigs or rabbits and whatnot to get the thing going?

Are we going to transplant fertilized sheep fetuses into women who colonize Mars?

Happy Commie Day

The word “mayday”, famously used in distress calls from ships at sea, is actually a mangling of the French word “m’aidez”, or “help me”.

Also May Day is, since about 1880 or-so, International Workers’ Day – so kiss a comrade today.

And it’s the anniversary of the Haymarket Massacre when police in Chicago killed 4 marchers in a peaceful protest. And that is, I’m pretty sure, the reason for it being International Workers’ Day.

But “May Day”, or something similar at this time of year, has been celebrated in religious traditions for probably thousands of years, originally simply to mark the end of winter. In the colonies that became the U.S. “freethinkers” celebrated May Day with maypole dances along with Native Americans (in the early years before real estate values went up).

And May Day is a reminder that it is only three days until May The Fourth Be With You day.

And only four days until Cinco de Mayo, celebrating Mexican Independence Mexico’s defeat of the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.

All of which makes me think the 1st through the 5th of May should be a national holiday – or whichever five weekdays fall closest. We don’t want to get cheated with weekends being included.

Man Jumps White House Fence While First Family At Home

“According to two CNN photojournalists who witnessed the incident, the men was carrying an envelope, had on a blue shirt and white pants and was cloaked in an American flag.”

Below is an artist’s rendering of the man.

This is the lunatic who tried to get into the White House.

This is the lunatic who tried to get into the White House.

A Rose By Any Other Name

This is a quote from the Wikipedia entry on guitar pickups:

….the humbucking pickup was invented by Joseph Raymond “Ray” Butts, but Seth Lover of Gibson was also working on one himself. Ray Butts initially developed one on his own and later worked withGretsch.[1] Who developed it first is a matter of some debate, but Ray Butts was awarded the first patent (U.S. Patent 2,892,371) and Seth Lover came next (U.S. Patent 2,896,491). Ultimately, both men developed essentially the same concept, but Ray Butts was never recognized as the one who produced it first.

I wonder why? Say you’re developing an ad campaign in 1955 for cool new noiseless guitar pickups. Here on the one hand you have an inventor named “Lover” working at Gibson, and on the other you have a guy named “Butts” working for Gretsch….

We’ve Done It!

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, when Thales gave the western world mathematics, and then Pythagoras made us a gift of science, since the dark ages of the alchemists that gave way to the spirit of invention that was the Renaissance, since the glories of the Age of Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, and the birth of the Information Age half-a-century ago, it’s all been leading-up to this!


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(Click the image to read the full story at

It’s All Just Going To Hell!

Due to other ventures in the online superhighway arena space GraceLessLand will return to an schedule of I’ll-post-’em-as-I-calls-’em-as-I-sees-’em like in the bad old days before the last major U.S. election.

I’m sure once candidates start actively making asses of themselves the hectic daily schedule will return. Not because I have any more time but because the itch to nab a news photo and toss it into Paintshop will become unbearable.

Right now it’s bearable. Check-back once a week or so until you see the page run red with politicians eviscerating themselves on the pointed spikes of the media.

NOTE: Actually maybe it would be interesting, as the soulless clowns start running a la grunion onto the beach of political despair, to repost stuff from the last election just to sort-of compare with what’s going-on. If I do that I’ll be sure to give it some grandiose title and a new content page even though it’s just quickly reposting old crap.