White House To Release Second Ukraine Transcript

Today President Donald Trump said the White House will release a transcript of a second call to Ukraine “probably Tuesday”. GraceLessLand has obtained an advance copy:


President: Hello Ukraine, how are you?

Ukraine: Oh we’re good, Mr. President.




President: Okay well I guess that covers everything. Goodbye Ukraine.

Ukraine: Goodbye Mr . President.

Comrade Trump Is Working Hard For His Party

(Click the image to read the full story at CNN.com)

(Click the image to read the full story at CNN.com)

There is no longer anything funny about this guy, but we’ll keep trying. Hopefully the U.S. will still be here in a couple of years and we can get back to funny-stupid instead of funny-scary. I hope Putin’s boots taste good because Trump just licked them for several hours.

Trump And Kim Are Having A Bromance

You have to wonder: is Kim Jong Un changing into a non-dictator, non-mass murderer to be more like Trump; or do they get along because Trump admires Kim’s utter corruption and wants to make the US more like North Korea?