They Caught One

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Most Of Us Are Good People

It’s important to remember that even though the media makes it appear the world is a cruel and savage place, they are only reporting on a very small fraction of the human race made-up of politicians and other sub-humans who do awful things for their own sick reasons. People like the murderer in New Zealand are by far the exceptions in a world-wide population of people just trying to live their lives as best they can. It’s the liars and killers who get the attention.

Trump And Kim Are Having A Bromance

You have to wonder: is Kim Jong Un changing into a non-dictator, non-mass murderer to be more like Trump; or do they get along because Trump admires Kim’s utter corruption and wants to make the US more like North Korea?

Good Riddance 2016!

About this time last year we were all mentioning how fucked-up 2015 was, and it was just a hint of how truly ass-fucked 2016 was.

Get used to this trend. And while doing so, go to for some pretty-good journalism. We’re going to need it.

First Florence Henderson – Now Fidel Castro

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He was of a generation of tense bullshit people like Nixon, Khrushchev, The Shah of Iran, Yasser Arafat, etc. that made growing-up in the 1960s and 1970s a special, colorful, subtextually frightening time.

Everyone Loves Beach-Front Property

The Russian fleet is believed to be sailing to the Syrian port of Tartus. Russia’s defense ministry said on October 10 that the country was poised to transform its naval facility there into a permanent base.

That’s the last paragraph of this story about Russian warships moving to their new military foothold in the Middle East. It should be the first paragraph – in fact it’s short enough to be a sub-title, or one of those excerpts you see highlighted by font modifications in some blog posts.

Tonight’s Television Highlights


Really, this is an extremely clever ploy on the reptilian aliens in rubber masks part. No matter which way the referendum to leave the European Eunion goes the foul lizards maintain their power base while destabilizing the EuEu politically, economically, and worst of all publically – revealing underlying tendencies toward racism and classism that many Britons may be surprised to see in their society.

Not that they have anything on the US as far racism/classism/dickism go. I mean we didn’t invent the concept of an underclass that is kept in a menial condition dependent on the overclass’ largesse, but we do it with such deeply seated, rooted, yet repressed utter racism that we get all the points for style. We’re number one! We’re number one!


These Things Must Be Tested-Out Sometime

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I like to think these people, primitive as they were, took some pride in the craftsmanship shown by their weapons and tools.

I choose to believe that Og who was good at making points but not at making shafts traded with Grf who made great shafts but lousy points: for a certain amount of the passage of the Bright Thing from when it returns Og will sharpen Grf’s points, while in turn Grf will straighten Og’s shafts.

Then they contract with some distributor tribe to offer their sharpened sticks to outliers in return for colorful, glowy seashells they say they get from giants like anyone would buy that.

The Outliers are obviously in league with the bad spirits who cause babies to die and take life from the Old Ones. Some day Og and Grf will stop selling them spears and they’ll invade their land with new, improved spears tipped with sharpened bits of the seashells they get from them. Then they’ll control the seashell supply and no one else will get any weaponized seashell products.

These people weren’t just savages in competition for the meager resources they could find lying about – these people were entrepreneurs, dammit!